Professional Experience

Writing, Editing and Layout
Write, lay out, and edit tutoring materials to be used by 1-on-1 tutors and classroom teachers. Wrote Patterns and Algebra stream for grades 7 and 8.

PEARS Clinic
Work with students having various learning disabilities. Implement programs designed by the psychologist. Research and use computer programs for drill and practice of math skills.

Netron Inc.
Education Manager
Wrote a six-week full-time training course called “Boot Camp” for new consultants, covering technical subjects (COBOL language, NETRON/CAP proprietary 4GL) and also “soft skills” (writing reports, how to dress and act at a customer site). Collected requirements from management and customer debriefing reports to set up learning expectations and design classes, activities, and schedule. Included a large group case study where students wrote a customer account system for a fictional communications company. Assessed students during the course, evaluated students, and wrote detailed report to management on the progress and final reports of students.

Education Specialist
Designed and wrote technical courses at three levels (introductory, intermediate, advanced) covered 24 or 40 instructional hours each. Taught two courses per month. After each course, reviewed and updated training materials. Traveled to customer sites and installed necessary software in training labs before course began. For the Frame Writing course, solicited student real-life problems, before and during the course. Dynamically modified course content to address those problems and use them as the basis for course exercises.

Career Manager
As a manager of onsite consultants, assessed those consultants during the year based on the standards for evaluation of consultants. Reported to senior management on the evaluation of consultants at the end of each assignment. As part of a group of three managers, determined the ranking of consultants to feed into salary calculations.

Other roles: Consultant, Senior Consultant, SDS Manager

IBM Canada Inc.
Development Manager, WebSphere Commerce
Evaluated staff at end of year; ratings had to balance within overall department. For staff under debate, wrote a detailed report justifying rating. For staff rated 3, wrote a detailed contract (Performance Improvement Plan) covering nine months to improve performance.

Also: Engagement Manager for IBM Lab Engagements

Intelliware Development Inc.
Project Manager
Projects in Java using Eclipse, deployed on WebLogic, developed using an XP approach.


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