Fletcher Prosser and Martha Greenwood

Fletcher Prosser was born September 1853 in North Gwillimbury, Ontario. In 1861 he was 6 years old and the youngest of four siblings living with their parents.  They lived in a 1 1/2 storey frame house and his father was a farmer.  In 1871 he is the only child living at home.

Martha Greenwood was born June 1857 in Ontario.  In 1861 she is living at home, the fifth of six children.  Her father is a farmer born in England, and they live in a two-storey frame house.  In 1871 her oldest brother has left home, so she is the fourth of the seven children at home.

On September 28th, 1875 Fletcher and Martha were married in Bellhaven, York by Elder D. Prosser.

By the 1881 census they had three children; 4-year-old Wellington, 2-year-old Pemberton, and 3-month-old Lottie May.  By 1891 they had added Daniel, Nancy, Martha, and Fletcher, and by 1901 Gertrude Grace (known as Gertie) and Lawrence Freeman.


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