Activities for ED/COST

These are activities created for the six grade 11 and 12 Computer Studies and Computer Engineering courses in the current Technological Education curriculum.

ICS3M : Rotation using Matrix Multiplication. Activity ProfileStudent Handout.

ICS4M : Data Analysis of online shopping data.  Activity ProfileStudent Handout.

ICE3E : Community Computer Help.  Activity Profile.

ICE3M : Turing Digital Clock. ActivityProfilePowerPoint on binary clocks and binary numbers.  Handout.

ICE4E : Interviewing Your Future. ActivityProfile.

ICE4M : Noise Level Monitor. Activity Profile.


Useful math websites

My criteria; sites should be focused on grades 9 to 12, not have any unacceptable bias, be easy to use, and linked to the Ontario curriculum expectations for math. (Note that these sites do not meet all these criteria). : Free fraction worksheets. Can order workbooks for grades 3 to 8. : Downloadable classroom activities, including “the first week of calculus” and activities with TI calculators. : Lesson plans.

For our February 27 class:

A two-page document outlining some thoughts about the new Grade 11 “Introduction to Computer Programming” course, versus the existing Grade 11 ICS3M course. This is in place of my 5-10 minute oral presentation, and is optimized to view on the screen in our classroom.


If you could leave me a quick comment when you download this, it would be much appreciated!


This is a first cut of a list of activities for Unit 1 of the Grade 11 Computer and Information Science course (ICS3M). We’ve been jointly working on this in class.Unit1Activities.doc