Math makes a mess!

Here’s the dining room table at the end of a typical session with T, one of my students who has just finished grade six and wants to get a head start on grade seven math over the summer.

Note all our paraphernalia; besides the expected book, ruler, and calculator we also managed to use Lego, coins, paper, a deck of Skip-Bo cards, and Go game pieces.

Math paraphernalia

(Click on the picture to see full-size). We used the Lego to work through finding out how many rectangles have area 12. The strips of paper were to find out how many rectangles have perimeter 12. The Go pieces come in handy for figuring out factors. We use the Skip-Bo cards, and often a regular deck of cards, to play a couple of made-up games of multiplication, division, and patterning. The coins were to figure out how many ways there were to make various amounts with just quarters and dimes, and then we worked out how to do it systematically in a table.

The mug was my morning tea. 🙂