Fletcher Prosser and Martha Greenwood

Fletcher Prosser was born September 1853 in North Gwillimbury, Ontario. In 1861 he was 6 years old and the youngest of four siblings living with their parents.  They lived in a 1 1/2 storey frame house and his father was a farmer.  In 1871 he is the only child living at home.

Martha Greenwood was born June 1857 in Ontario.  In 1861 she is living at home, the fifth of six children.  Her father is a farmer born in England, and they live in a two-storey frame house.  In 1871 her oldest brother has left home, so she is the fourth of the seven children at home.

On September 28th, 1875 Fletcher and Martha were married in Bellhaven, York by Elder D. Prosser.

By the 1881 census they had three children; 4-year-old Wellington, 2-year-old Pemberton, and 3-month-old Lottie May.  By 1891 they had added Daniel, Nancy, Martha, and Fletcher, and by 1901 Gertrude Grace (known as Gertie) and Lawrence Freeman.


CAIS / SEAL job board

The Canadian Association of Independent Schools 9CAIS) seems to have re-branded itself SEAL, for Standards in Excellence and Learning. A little more reading shows that they joined forces with CESI, so that makes a bit of sense.

In any case, a few jobs for September 2011 are already showing up on their job board. At this point it’s mostly the usual suspects – French and Chemistry – plus the higher-level positions like “head of the middle school”.

Ontario school boards

EDIT: For updated information on the 2011 school year, please visit the overview and related posts.

When doing my B.Ed. at York I maintained a list of GTA school boards and information about hiring, from January to about September of 2007, then again in 2008. I’m aiming to expand this year and cover all of the public boards in Ontario. Feel free to comment with information and updates you’d like me to add.

A Google Map showing the rough centre of each board is here.

Greater Essex County District School Board job postings. Covers from the bottom corner of the province at Windsor over to a north/south line from Tilbury down to Point Pelee. They seem to imply that their postings will be on applytoeducation.ca starting in May, but you can also apply directly.

Lambton Kent District School Board job postings. Positions are posted here. They only use applytoeducation.ca for certain specific types of jobs. Covers Chatham, Sarnia, Lambton (south to Port Lambton, east to Grand Bend), and Kent (Tilbury to Bothwell).

Thames Valley District School Board job postings. Covers London, north not quite to Stratford, and east not quite to Brantford. Permanent jobs are posted on applytoeducation.ca, but LTOs, continuing education, and other postings are on their board website.

Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board careers.

Grand Erie District School Board job postings. Brant County, Brantford, Haldimand County, and Norfolk County. Currently available position for a “Minor Department Head” in Math, but only for internal applicants so far.

District School Board of Niagara job postings. Currently no postings. Niagara region over to about Grimsby.

Avon Maitland District School Board job postings. Currently no postings. Covers Stratford, west from there to the lake, and north to where Bruce begins.

Bluewater District School Board job postings. Click on the links on the left-hand side. Currently postings LTOs for this school year. Covers north from Avon Maitland up to Tobermory, and east to Simcoe and Dufferin Counties.

Waterloo Region District School Board careers. All postings are on applytoeducation, but nothing yet. Stretches west to Avon Maitland and south to Grand Erie.

Upper Grand District School Board job postings. Some LTOs for current year and summer school jobs posted. Stretches west to Waterloo Region, south to Grand Erie.

Halton District School Board careers. All postings on applytoeducation. Stretches west to Upper Grand, south to the lake.

Peel District School Board job board. They have their own online system – no jobs posted as of April 24, 2010. Stretches west to Halton, south to the lake.

Toronto District School Board. West to Peel, south to the lake.

York District School Board employment. They don’t post jobs anywhere – you submit a general application and they call you.

Durham District School Board job postings. West to Toronto District, south to the lake.

Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board employment. Everything, including occasional, is on applytoeducation. West to Durham, south to the lake, comes to a point around Apsley.

Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board job postings. West to Kawartha, south to the lake.

Limestone District School Board job postings. West to Hastings, south to the lake. North to Frontenac.

Upper Canada District School Board openings. Most are on applytoeducation, but note that Occasional is separate on the page. West to Limestone, south to the lake, east to Quebec. North to Arnprior but does not include Ottawa.

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board employment. Most on applytoeducation, except occasional which has no info. Bounded by Upper Canada and Quebec.

Renfrew County District School Board job postings. Jobs are posted on the site, on jobsineducation.com (all postings), and educationcanada.com (teaching positions).

Trillium Lakelands District School Board job postings. Click on the various links on the left.

Simcoe Country District School Board employment. They appear to post on their website but you apply through applytoeducation.

Near North Schools job postings. Parry Sound to North Bay.

Rainbow Schools job board. Sudbury, Espanola, Manitoulin.

District School Board Ontario North East job postings. Timmins up to Cochrane, down to New Liskeard.

Algoma District School Board information. All on applytoeducation.

Lakehead Public Schools employment. They appear to host their own, but no current postings. Thunder Bay.

Superior-Greenstone District School Board job postings. Manitouwadge, Geraldton, Marathon, Nipigon area.

Rainy River District School Board employment. They need a superintendant of education! Atikokan to Rainy River.

Keewatin-Patricia District School Board job postings. Handled themselves. Dryden/Kenora area.

Textbook resources

These are attached to the “Principles of Mathematics 9” textbook that we’re currently using in MPM1D. I haven’t quite figured out yet how or whether to use them with my class, but they look handy.


Two new knitting charts

These are for “Wave Edging” and “Mermaid’s Mesh”.

As before, please use only for non-commercial purposes, and if you reproduce it, include my name.

Candlelight Knitting Chart

Candlelight Chart (<– click here for PDF.)

This is a charted version of the "Candlelight" knitting stitch pattern from Barbara G. Walker's A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

As I understand copyright of knitting designs, the stitch pattern itself is in the public domain. However, any written description, chart, or picture of it is copyright. Therefore my chart is copyright, and I would ask that you use it only for non-commercial purposes, and that you not reproduce it without including my name.


I had to laugh today when I saw that someone landed on my page after searching “how to pronounce kirsten nelson”.

I assume it’s the “kirsten” part that they’re wondering about, and I’m also fairly sure that they’re wondering about the actress, not me. I have no idea whether she’s a “KER-sten”, from the German tradition, or a “KEER-sten”, from the Scandinavian.

But for the record, I’m a “KEER-sten”. It is definitely easier being “Miss Nelson” to all my students… now if I could only convince them that I’m a Ms and not a Miss!

Stats Canada site on Social Justice

This site collects data to investigate and analyze social justice issues.

Math brochures for parents and families

I just discovered these online resources for parents/guardians and families. They cover commonly asked questions like “Why are students using calculators?” and “Why does the math that my child brings home look different from the math I remember? ”


New France reference

Miquelon, Dale. New France, 1701-1744: A Supplement to Europe. Toronto: Mcclelland And Stewart, 1987.

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