Commercially Available Games

I love the game called “SET” for patterning. My friend Sayaka at JUMP Math introduced it to me, and we spent a couple of happy lunch hours playing. The website for the game has a daily puzzle, plus several teacher resources including how to teach the mathematics behind the game.

Strangely, I have never played Blokus, although I suspect I soon will, since our grade 7’s are doing activities with pentominoes in the the new year! The website allows you to play online, either against the computer or against other players worldwide.


An addition to the wish list

Is it too much to ask…¬† to have a WordPress theme that is two-column, flexible width, and has a customized header image?

Wish List

I laughed at first when someone told me that it’s always easy to find something to buy a teacher. Now I see that’s true… there are so many things I want to have in my personal toolkit!

Blank playing cards ( So many uses! Write student names on them to shuffle and deal random groups, or pick student names at random. Create custom card games using vocabulary or math questions.

Noise level detection and control ( I can reward the students when they keep the noise level at an appropriate level for a whole class. There is a physical version called the “yakker trakker”, but since I currently have a computer and projector available, the software version should be enough.

Jean Swanson’s book Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion;.