Ratio and Proportion online games

http://www.4kids.org/games/ has a couple of ratio and proportion games (specifically Ratio Stadium and Dirt Bike Proportions). They are multi-player games that look very simple to set up for four students to play against each other. The would be good for just a ten-minute filler; the numbers are very small and meant for younger kids, but it might be a fun way to start class before diving into “If You Hopped Like a Frog”.


A recent round-up of articles and other links

Collaborative Inquiry as Professional Development; from the Indiana Paraeducators Support Project.
Differentiated Instruction; an interview with Carol Ann Tomlinson.
Hippocampus Algebra; good reviews of Algebra I and II (roughly equivalent to our Grades 9 and 10).
Curriki; lots of resources to find, led me to Hippocampus.
Algebraic Problem-solving with Spreadsheets; ideas for a Grade 9 course.
Gender in the Classroom; a Google Books window.
Adding It Up; online book.
Rubric for class participation from Carmel Schettino.
Rubric for Journal Entries from Carmel Schettino.
Gapminder; fabulous data visualization tool.
Women and Math, the Gender Gap Bridged; important research on countries where girls do as well as boys in math (Iceland, Turkey).
E-Stat for Education; tons of Canadian data.
TI Tutorials; good for new students who need to learn to use the graphing calculators we use.
<a href="http://www.cbc.ca/national/blog/special_feature/brain_gains/how_exercise_promotes_learning.html"How Exercise Promotes Learning; CBC National special feature on a school in Western Canada that increased student success through exercise.