Career Studies resources on the web

In this final teaching block I’ve had the opportunity to team-teach two sections of Grade 10 Career Studies (GCL20) with another of my fine fellow teacher candidates, Cristina Ingravalle. We’ve found so much useful stuff on the web that I need to start making a list here. (We are using many paper-based resources given to us by our mentor teachers as well – I will try to add them to the list by the end of the practicum, but they’re harder to lose than a link.)

Firstly, of course, the Ministry of Education Curriculum document.

The natural second is the course profile (from Curriculum Services Canada). We decided not to start with trends, wanting to focus on the students first.

We used the second mind map template from this site to have students to map their interests.

The CBC has teacher resources linked to the “Greatest Canadian” series. We used the videos in class, based our questions on one of their templates, and used the word search puzzle.

The textbook publisher Pearson has some excellent downloadable materials in PDF format. The blackline masters are attractive and useful; they include rubrics, checklists, and handouts. The Unit 1 BLM file has an excellent Study Skills Checklist, a decent one-page MI checklist that students could use, and a good Work Values checklist. The Unit 2 BLM has a good Personal Management Skills Checklist that builds on the previous skills checklist. (I haven’t looked at Unit 3 yet).

We have a class set of the Nelson textbooks. Their website has assessment tools to download and use, including a rubric for the student portfolios.

We used the absolutely excellent Career Cruising website. Students spent the entire 80-minute period answering questions about what they liked and didn’t like, discussing the list of possible careers that came up, then researching a potential job based on their answers. A userid and password are needed to access the site.


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