Crown hat in purple Woolly Harvest

I found a UFO (unfinished object) in my boxes of knitting paraphanelia yesterday.  I apparently started a ‘crown’ hat for myself in purple some time ago, probably to go with the purple winter coat I stopped wearing years ago, but only just got around to putting out for pickup in CP’s recent drive in our neighbourhood.  I adapted the pattern many years ago from Debbie Bliss to make a hat for my son; her version comes to a point, which I don’t like, so I made mine with a proper rounded top.

The garter stitch points on the brim were 13 stitches each, and there were six of them.  I count 79 stitches across the brim as I’m pulling out the 14 rows of garter stitch – perhaps I added an extra stitch for sewing it up, since garter stitch can’t be knit in the round.

It appears as though I knit the hat from the brim up in stocking stitch, then picked up stitches for the points on the brim.  After about 22 rows of even knitting, I decreased on the knit rows; with six sections, there were six decreases on each row, with that last one being the final two stitches of each knit row.

The yarn is from Woolly Harvest, from Manitoulin Island where my parents live.  On 4mm needles, I count exactly 16 stitches and 22 rows over 4 inches.  There’s nothing wrong with the hat – it seems to fit, and only needs three points completed to finish it.  I’m pulling it out anyway – purple doesn’t go with either my fall or winter coats, and I want the wool for a sweater I’m in the planning stages of!



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