The Yukon Quest

I’m fascinated by this sled dog race, which runs a 1000-mile route from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to Fairbanks, Alaska. It traces the original route taken by the mail, which was also a single person doing a sled dog run to do the deliveries.

We watched a really neat video called “6ON-6OFF”, named for the typical schedule a musher uses – run for 6 hours, then rest for 6 hours. They do this day and night for the 9 to 12 days of the race! In the video a rookie, Lance Mackey, wins the 2005 race by just 8 minutes over the second-place finisher. He went on to win in 2006 and 2007, and also won the Iditarod in 2007; another 1000-mile race that takes place only a couple of weeks after the Yukon Quest.

This reminds me of:
Pierre Berton, whose parents were part of the Klondike gold rush, and who grew up in Dawson, YT
The Dawson City Music Festival, which I was lucky enough to attend in 2006


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